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Beading is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another or to cloth, usually by the use of a needle and thread or soft, flexible wire. Most beading takes the form of jewelry or other personal adornment, but beads are also used in wall hangings and sculpture.  Visit our directory members' beading links for beading blogs, classes, finished art, groups, projects, media, magazines and supplies! 

Beads Gone Wild

Bead Supplies, Beading Classes - Guest Teachers - Events - and more

National Bead Society

Beading Classes and more


An inspiring array of unique beading delectable and designer jewelry. Now offering glass bead making classes in our Tuscany glass studio!

Online Beading Magazine - Free Beading Project, Be

Discover an abundance of beading resources, bead charts & beading patterns. Be inspired by the Gallery of Designs or Ask The Experts about jewelry-making.


Clear and complete beading instructions so your beading adventure is fun and painless! Learn where to buy supplies online and display your favorite beading creations.

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