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TID BIT: The manufacturing of handmade candles consists of three steps: preparation of the wicking, preparation of the wax base, and continuous molding or extrusion of the finished candles. Visit our directory members' candle making blogs, classes, finished art, groups, projects, media, magazines and supplies websites!

The Candlemakers Store

The Candlemakers Store supplies candle makers with quality supplies.

Making Candles 1010

Informational site on how to make candles with equipment and supply needs as well as tips and tricks. Plus helpful links!

Ole & Lena's Candle Gift and Ceramics

A site featuring all handcrafted items such as lights, candles, ceramics, wood crafts, and many unique one of a kind items.

Brocks Superior Soy Candles

100% Handmade Scented Soy Candles!

Peak Candle Making Supplies

Offers candle and soap making supplies including candle wax, molds, wicks, fragrance oils, soap bases, additives and other supplies for making candles and soaps.

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