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TID BIT: The manufacturing of handmade candles consists of three steps: preparation of the wicking, preparation of the wax base, and continuous molding or extrusion of the finished candles. Visit our directory members' candle making blogs, classes, finished art, groups, projects, media, magazines and supplies websites!

Candle Wic

Our supplies and accessories include wholesale candlemaking kits, candle wax, wicks, scent and fragrance oils and more.

Bitter Creek Candle Supply, Inc.

We provide wholesale supplies to everyone from hobbyists to professionals, as well as other candle & soapmaking suppliers.

Lone Star Candle Supply

Offering a full line of candle making supplies, including scents, wax, wicks, molds, containers, and more.

Crafters Pick Adhesives

For all your craft adhesive supply needs. NON-TOXIC Purchase buy the 6 pack (30% off MSRP) or case (50% off MSRP). No minimums. At these discounts you can save or you can sell them in your...

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