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Pink Ponies Team

Pretty Pink Ponies is a brand that aims to elevate profiles of female professionals and entrepreneurs through collaborative projects with professional leaders in various industries. In addition...

Addi machines, Loom Knitting, knitting, and crocheting

✂Whether you Loom Knit, Hand Knit, Crochet or use the Addi machines, there is something for everyone to enjoy...................... Our members☿ share their knowledge and ideas, that will...

I Support Handmade Group

I Support Handmade Facebook Group was created by to help those interested in the art of handmade network together! We invite you to log on to Facebook and join in!!

Mom's Workshop

Mom's Workshop is dedicate to featuring all things made by moms. Our SAHMs and WAHMs post ads about their handmade products in our marketplace.

KC Crafters Society

We are a group of people who meet to work on and discuss arts and crafts of all kinds.

I Support Handmade Craftgate

12,000 + members