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Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns

Rosie’s How to Make Doll Clothes Course has over 130 step by step instructional videos with lots of tips that make sewing doll clothes super easy which means you will be sewing gorgeous doll...

Boriqua Dolls

I proudly make traditionally dressed (circa 17-18th century) dance theme, jibaro(a), Puerto Rican dolls. I also create spirit/orisha dolls.

Sue's Tiny Costumes

Doll clothing patterns for dolls from 1/2" tall to 18" tall. Home of Pattern Drafting for Miniatures and Pattern Making for Dolls!

Cloth Doll Artistry

Cloth Doll Artistry is a group of extraordinary doll artists sharing their creations and knowledge with others.

xangetsu studio at etsy

Kawaii kokeshi doll ornaments & charms are done with wood, acrylic painting and paper, making each one distinct and original.

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