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Under Angel Wings

It's the wooden peg doll featuring Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was hand painted with the non-toxic acrylic paints and varnished using the non-toxic water varnish to make it waterproof. This high...

Chestnut Panda

This is a very lovable and detailed sculpture of a Pikmin predator! He sits in his terrarium and is always happy. It's as if you really have a Bulborb as a pet! I have more geek items in my shop...

Minna's Doll World

Decorating dollhouses and making dollhouse miniatures

Mini escenas y manualidades

Handmade miniatures for dollhouses or for decorating your home. Specialized in fantasy

Wooden Doll House Blog

We welcome you to our site, the "Wooden Dolls House Blog!" We Have Some Great Tips for Building a Doll House!

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