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Please, come and browse through the galleries where wonderful treasured gifts await you. Sherry’s Shards is your source for lovely handcrafted Mosaic and Jewelry Pieces crafted in a California studio by a talented Artisan Sherry V. Featuring beautiful unique Mosaic and Jewelry pieces made of recycled shards, ceramics, plates, dishes, cups, tiles and other found objects. The timeless mosaic art pieces include mirrors, wall art, bird baths, birdhouses and much more. The handcrafted jewelry pieces are recycled shard pendants that have been carefully broken, using tile nippers. Special pieces are selected then shaped and grinded to have smooth edges. Each piece is then wrapped with copper foil tape then soldered with lead free silver solder. Other jewelry pieces include recycled images from old greeting cards placed either between microscope slides and soldered together or under glass globs for unique pendants, magnets and ornaments. Besides Mosaics and Jewelry Pieces the artist is dabbling in Assemblage Mixed Media Art which is a three-dimensional art form using a collection of diverse objects, such as found objects, collage elements, metals, papers, paints, polymer clay, old letters, postage stamps, textiles and more. The artist is constantly making new one of a kind, unique beautiful timeless pieces that make gift giving a treasured experience. Please be sure to bookmark this site and check back often for more gifts to be admired for years to come.

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